Welcome to Toy Exchange - the easy way to quickly turn your vintage toys into cash.


Whether you have inherited a collection,

are clearing out your loft, garage, storage unit, or just decided that now is the time to sell we are always happy to hear from you.


Call Richard now on 07976 226 505 or email your details to richard333@clara.co.uk





Most childhood collections that come straight from the loft often need a dusting and consist of the Good, the Bad and the Ugly.


We prefer good quality vintage toys, however we do purchase unboxed items that are in less than perfect condition.


No collection is too large and depending on their condition

and rarity we will also purchase single items.


  • The Good - Premium prices are paid for mint to near mint boxed examples.


  • The Bad - Cash waiting for toys with average wear and missing packaging.


  • The Ugly - If it's broken with no packaging and missing parts there's still hope!

Vintage toys wanted! Call: 07976 226 505

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Vintage Toys Wanted

Selection of various plastic car model kits by TAMIYA and AIRFIX